Local pickup explained

Posted by Julia on 12/17/2019 to News
I received a request  to explain about local pickup. 

When you see an item in the shop and like to have it fast, please go ahead and pay for it in the shop's secure shopping cart.
This way, you don't have to carry any cash or cards with you when we meet up. We can setup a meet in Lumberton, Purvis 
or Poplarville and we will bring you the item and another printed receipt. You get a receipt from the site but we'll give you a extra one.

If, for any instance you do not like the item we bring, we, of course will be happy to refund and void the transaction with the institute you choose when you made the purchase.
We love to have good relations with our buyers and this is a way to get your item very quick. 
Hope this explains and if you have any questions, just txt, email or call us.


Red Truck tree ornaments

Posted by Julia on 12/13/2019 to News
Red Truck tree ornaments
We still have some of these Red Truck ornaments. Order now and you can still have them in before Christmas